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PBEditPack is a collection of 7 FREEWARE Edit-components for Delphi: PBBinHexEdit, PBEdit, PBEditEx, PBMaskEdit, PBNumEdit, PBSuperSpin and PBSpinEdit.

Supports all Windows versions. Supports Default-button-Click.

Full source and Context-sensitive help is included.

All components have Alignment, DisabledColor and 'mouse-selectall. 'Mouse-selectall' means that when you set focus using the mouse (and AutoSelect is True), all the text is selected. Next click deselects. That is more or less a 'Windows-standard'. When you set focus using <tab> it is standard, so it is more logical that the mouse works the same way.

DisabledColor automatically changes background color when you enable/disable the component.

PBEdit, PBMaskEdit and PBSpinEdit are standard components with Alignment and 'mouse-selectall'.

PBEditEx is a PBEdit descendant that can show an image left for the text.

PBBinHexEdit is a special Edit component for binary and hexadecimal values. NumberFormat sets the display- and editformat (Number, Binary or HexaDecimal). Set and access values by propertys: AsInteger, AsHex and AsBin. (Tip: You can make it invisible, if you you just need the conversions).

PBNumEdit is a special Edit component for numeric values - supporting WYSIWYG editing, floating and fixed decimalpoint. NumberFormat sets the display- and editformat (Standard, Thousands, Scientific and Engineering). You can set max- and minValue. Supports WM_SETTINGCHANGE.

PBSuperSpin is PBNumEdit component with spin-buttons (have all PBNumEdit's functions). Increment by decimal values (not just integers). Accelerated spin. Wrap can set value to MinValue when MaxValue is exceeded. RoundValues will round values, that users enter.

A screen-capture from the simple demo-program: