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PBSharePack description


PBSharePack contains 6 (+ 2) easy-to-use components using DYNAMIC-sized filemapping to share memory between applications/processes/threads or exe and DLL. Automatic Singlewrite-multiread access locks. Works simultaniously or selectively as client and server.

Max performance - share bytes or megabytes without changing properties - the components automatically resizes the shared memory - no AVs nor memory-waste.

Internally all the components use a TStream descendant to read/write to the shared memory - making it easy to share any variable/record/object with/without streaming capabilities - using the Reader/Writer parameters.

The Share can be loaded from/saved to another stream or file.

The components automatically fire events when other components change the shared memory and when shares are opened or closed - even if apps terminate abnormally.

The applications can be instances of the same application or different applications (each with a PBShare component).

The components have a list with information of all the open shares (of course shared) - giving you advanced filtering possibilities in the update-events.

The components can either be dropped on a form (multiple components can be on one form) or created at runtime (for instance in DLLs - with InterProcess property).

TPBShareSingle is a universal sharecomponent giving you direct access to the sharestream. Reading and writing via callback-events with direct access to the stream.

TPBShareMulti shares a dynamic list of different-sized elements. Reading and writing via callback-events with direct access to the stream. Only one element in local memory - to save memory.

TPBShareStringList shares a TStrings object - either an internal list, maintained by the component, or an external - like Memo1.Lines. AutoUpdate property.

TPBShareMemIni shares an internal TMemIniFile - with or without an external file. AutoUpdate property.

TPBShareImages shares a dynamic list of DIFFERENT sized bitmaps. Only one bitmap in local memory - to save memory.

TPBCustomShare and TPBCustomShareMulti are the two base classes the components are derived from. Makes it easy to create your own specialized components.

TPBShareOneInstance is a small component that limits your app to one instance. 2nd instance sends the commandline back before terminating.

Context-sensitive help is included.

Component hierarchy
  • TComponent
    • TPBCustomShare
      • TPBShareSingle
      • TPBShareStringList
      • TPBShareMemIni
      • TPBCustomShareMulti
        • TPBShareMulti
        • TPBShareImages
    • TPBShareOneInstance

The price for PBSharePack is: $ 100.

PBSharePack is now FREEWARE - full source included!

PBSharePack is provided 'as-is' and Bak-O-Soft is under no circumstances responsible for any damage, what soever, that it might cause to anyone or anything.