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Version (tested with Delphi 6.2 and 4.0 - should work on all Delphi versions 3 and up).

PBWatcher is a supplement to the Delphi Watch debugger. Watch variables and expressions inside/outside the Delphi environment at both runtime and designtime with/without breakpoints.

Use it anywhere in your code, even before any forms are created. Easy to use with AutoAdd Watches (writes the necessary code for you and cleans up afterwards). It can show names and values of many variables simultaniously in a window, that acts both as output window and input via menus.

At designtime it acts as a Delphi add-on and at runtime it acts as an add-on to your application.

Settings are automatically saved and loaded.

Save/load/print and search the watchlog. AutoSave. View one line per variable or add continuously. Change settings (show/hide watchwindow, enable etc.) at designtime/runtime.

Watch for instance local variables and timerevents/paintevents realtime without breakpoints. Debug your components designtime/runtime interface.


The PBWatcher window at runtime watching variables:

and watching bitmaps:

How to use

Add PBWatcher to the uses clause. Use AutoAdd to fill in the code. Compile and run/install your program/component.

That's enough - use the other properties as you like.