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Prettyrizer FAQ
What can it do?

It can make html, javascript, css (and a mix of those) 'pretty' by formatting the text inserting newlines and spaces for indentation.

When do I need that?

When you have a html page that looks bad ( often produces bad looking html).

When you only have access to minified javascript or css and need to edit it. This can also be some code found on the internet, that you want to understand better.

How can I use it?

You either enter a url in the edit box (the url must be publicly available - no login) or you can select a file to upload.

You can then either preview the formatted text (color coded) or you can download and save it.

What contenttypes are supported?

The content must either be html, javascript, css or xml. If its html, it can contain inline javascript and css and it can be either a full page or just a part of it.

What are the formatting options?

1. None. This simply returns the unformatted text - use it to compare.

2. Minify. This will minify javascript and css (not html). It uses the minifier from Microsoft (not my own).

3. One line. This will return a html page where javascript and css are kept on one line. Use it when you're primarily interested in the html.

4. Normal. This will prettyrize the text using a balanced form of expansion. You can then use Visual Studio (or what editor you use) to finetune the formatting.

5. Expanded. This will add additional spacing (and braces) in javascript and css. The output should be easier to understand with matching braces and space between words.

Does the prettyrizer change how the code works?

Nope - or it's a bug! It only adds spaces and newlines - with 1 exception: If there's a one line comment in the One line mode, it will be changed to multiline comment (or the rest of the file would be a comment).