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Regex builder FAQ
What can it do?

This is a .NET Regular expression builder and tester. You can enter your Regular expressions and check for matches, replace or split the text.

It can also be used to test javascript regex by checking the ECMAScript option. Note: That will disable .NET unicode support.

What's that @ string format?

Strings are entered in C# @-string format(also called verbatim string), which in code looks like: @"string". This means it's ready for copying and pasting into your code.

In @ quoted strings, a single doublequote character must be doubled! Other than that, you don't have to double escape any character.

What characters need to be escaped?

You must escape .net characters like newline, return, tab like you would in any string. Other than that you have to escape Regular expression special characters.

In the test string, you can (besides escaping) also simply input a multiline string (presssing enter).