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Html, javascript & css prettyrizer:

Free online html, javascript and css prettyrizer. Unminify, unminimze, unobfuscate, format your code.

Adds line breaks and indentation to make the code easy to understand and edit. Use a public link or upload your file.

Preview online in color coded form or download the result. Options to specify the level of formatting you want applied to the code, whether you want compact or expanded output.

Online prettyrizer Prettyrizer FAQ

Regular Expressions builder and tester

Free online .NET Regular expression builder and tester.

Free online javascript Regular expression builder and tester.

You will be able to enter regular expressions as you would in code, test matches, replaces and split functions with all options.

Inspect matches in an easy to understand table format. When finished testing, simply copy and paste your Regex into code.

Online .Net Regex builder Online Javascript Regex builder Regex builder FAQ

Dansk kalender

En dansk årskalender, der kan printes ud på A4. Indeholder info om hver dag, dagens navn, sol op- og nedgangstider m. m.


Delphi stuff

Old Delphi components (not maintained anymore). PBSharePack, PBFolderDialog, PBEditPack, PBClipBoard, PBWatcher, PBPrinterSetupDialog, PBPreview.

Free Delphi components with full source.

Delphi components