Choose what to prettyrize:

Formatting and coloring:

Expanded Normal One line None

Online html, javascript and css prettyrizer.







format your code


Adds line breaks and indentation to make the code easy to understand and edit.

Use a public link, upload your file or paste some text to prettyrize.

Supports .htm, .html, .js, .json, .css, .xml and any text file.

Preview online in color coded form and download the result.

Does not change the meaning of the code.

Formatting options

  1. Expanded

    : This will add additional spacing (and braces) in javascript and css. The output should be easier to understand with matching braces and space between words.
  2. Normal

    : This will prettyrize the text using a balanced form of expansion. You can then use Visual Studio (or what editor you use) to finetune the formatting.
  3. One line

    : This will return a html page where javascript and css are kept on one line. Use it when you're primarily interested in the html.
  4. None

    : This simply returns the unformatted text - use it to compare.